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Choosing a Custody Attorney

If you and your spouse are divorcing, one of the biggest issues that will need to be resolved is who will have custody of any children you may have. A Custody Attorney can help you navigate the complexities of child custody law and make sure your rights are protected.

While the term “Custody Attorney” is generally associated with divorce cases, these lawyers can also be hired to assist parents in contested custody cases. These kinds of cases typically involve parents who are unable to come to an agreement on the major aspects of their custody arrangement, including legal and physical custody. Contested cases often require the use of outside professionals like a custody evaluator and can be more expensive than uncontested cases.

When choosing a Custody Attorney, it is important to find someone who has extensive experience in family law and specifically child custody cases. A lawyer with this kind of expertise is well-versed in the laws of your state and is familiar with how they differ from other states. They will be able to guide you through the process and help you reach an agreeable outcome.

Additionally, a skilled custody attorney is adept at negotiating with the opposing party. This can be especially crucial when the parents’ idea of what is in the best interests of the children differs significantly from one another. A knowledgeable attorney can negotiate a fair custody agreement without getting too emotional or resorting to hostility in court, which is often the cause of unnecessary disputes that end up costing both parties a great deal of money.

Custody cases can also be complicated by the fact that the parents live in different locations. In these cases, an experienced Custody Attorney will be able to guide the parents through the process of making an interstate or international custody agreement. They will be able to explain the specific laws that apply to this situation and help the parents come up with a plan that works within those parameters.

Another thing that a Custody Attorney can help with is modifying existing custody agreements. This can be necessary due to changes in work schedules, relocations for employment, and other reasons. Having an experienced lawyer on your side will ensure that any changes are done correctly and that you do not run into any problems in the future.

When it comes to resolving a custody dispute, the most important factor is what is in the best interest of the children. This can be difficult to determine, and it is often best to have a professional Custody Attorney on your side. If you are facing a custody issue, contact Cohen Forman Barone today for the help you need. We have years of experience advising clients through child custody matters. We understand how important this is to you and will fight for your parental rights. Contact us online or by phone to get started. Your initial consultation is free of charge.

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