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Experience and Fame of the Secret Singers

Often described as the flash mobs of the wedding entertainment world, singing waiters subtly infiltrate your event incognito, serving your food one minute and then serenading you with show tunes the next! They are ideal for destination weddings and charity dinners where the element of surprise adds to the overall impact.

Singing waiters are professional singers who disguise themselves as normal members of your catering or waiting staff in order to serve your guests before bursting into song and performing an entertaining set which encourages your guests to wave their napkins in the air and join in with a sing-along. The act’s repertoire is huge and covers every genre from rock, pop and soul to classical and West End hits ensuring that there will be something for everyone.

As with any other type of entertainment, it is important to ensure that your chosen act is well rehearsed and confident enough to perform flawlessly on the day. When booking your group, be sure to ask them to provide a brief outline of their performance so that you can be assured that they are a suitable choice for your special occasion. It is also worth reading reviews and customer feedback to get a sense of what other people have thought of their performance – this will give you an insight into how prompt they were, how well they interacted with your guests and whether their performance lived up to expectations.

Some secret singers require little or no equipment in order to perform, and a capella groups are particularly good for this type of event as they can roam around your venue and entertain guests without the need for a microphone. Other acts may need amplification or stage lighting depending on the size of your venue and their preferred style of performance. If your act requires any special equipment, it is worth checking out their online profile and making an enquiry prior to your event so that you can ensure they have everything they need.

In order to maintain the ruse, it is crucial that your secret waiters are committed to their pre-surprise role and are confident in their ability to engage with your guests and serve them food and drinks as though they are genuine members of your dining staff. In addition, they need expert acting skills in order to lull their tablemates into a false sense of security.

Finally, they must be able to sing in harmony and professionally – it is important not to spoil the big reveal! The best secret waiters will be well prepared for this and will not reveal their true identity until they are sure that your guests are sufficiently engrossed in the performance to have had their fill of singing along.

Some singing waiters will request a seating plan and a little bit of information about your guests in order to memorise some key details that will help them to blend in, before the big reveal. This is an excellent idea as it can make the experience even more impressive for your guests, allowing them to feel really involved in the performance from the start.

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