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How to Use Shout Media to Build Trust and Build Brand Consistency in Education Marketing

In the digital age, shout media marketing is a vital tool for education marketers to engage with prospective students and alumni. With competition increasing and students becoming more diverse in their needs, higher ed institutions are under pressure to deliver effective campaigns and build brand consistency through content.

User-generated content is more influential than ever. It helps to build trust and social proof amongst prospective students and alumni, and it is a great way to get people talking about your school and share their experiences with you.

The millennial generation is very active online and in social media, and they want to be active creators rather than passive consumers. That means you need to get millennials involved in your school’s online community by encouraging them to share their own content.

It’s important to make sure your school is present and engaging on all of the major platforms – especially Facebook, where you can target families and students in your area through paid ads. A user-friendly Facebook Ads tool can help you reach these people with targeted ads that will encourage them to visit your site and stay engaged in the long term.

Create a FAQ page for your social media accounts that answers the most common questions about your school. Then, sporadically, share these answers on your social media channels to provide a useful resource for users who might not have asked a specific question in the first place.

Use the power of hashtags to attract your audience’s attention and spark conversation about over here your school. By creating a hashtag, you can promote your school’s unique brand voice and help to connect with other schools and prospective students who are searching for the right college or university.

Ensure your social media content is mobile-friendly and responsive to increase the chances of potential students accessing it from their mobile devices. With the number of people using mobile phones to search for education increasing, it’s essential that your higher ed institution’s content is optimized for smartphones and tablets.

Consider retargeting visitors on social media when they leave your website. This is a great way to keep in touch with families who are thinking about their options, and it can be done at a fraction of the cost of traditional offline advertising methods.

With the emergence of new platforms such as TikTok, it’s important that your school has a presence on these newer channels. Although these apps may not reach a large portion of your current target audience, they can be an excellent way to reach a younger demographic and boost student engagement.

TikTok is the #1 most downloaded app in the App Store and it has a huge following of young people, so there’s a good chance that your school can benefit from incorporating it into its social media strategy.

Alternatively, you could consider collaborating with an established TikTok celebrity or influencer, who has a following that is similar to your own. This can be a very effective way to increase engagement and reach new audiences, and the impact can be felt on all of your other social media channels too.

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