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John Robin Law grew up in a small community in central Wisconsin

John Robin Law grew up in a small community in central Wisconsin where he saw first-hand how the legal system could help people. From defending people who were accused of crimes to representing clients in family law matters, John learned early that he wanted to pursue a career as a lawyer.

He attended college at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville  and graduated with honors in 2009 in the top 6% of his class. After graduating, he practiced at a mid-sized law firm John Robin Law where he handled complex commercial litigation cases. Throughout his time there, he litigated against corporations, individuals, and local and national organizations in a variety of disputes involving contractual claims, conflicts between business associates, fraud and trade secret claims, dispossessory proceedings, and consumer protection statutes and mortgage and foreclosure statues.

Although he had always been interested in law, it was his time spent at the law firm where he became truly inspired to pursue a career as a trial lawyer. As a trial attorney, John strives to use his experience and skills to help people in need of legal representation.

Throughout his career, John has been able to use his diverse background and litigation experience to help his clients achieve the results they deserve. He has represented plaintiffs and defendants in numerous trial and arbitration venues ranging from Cuero, Texas to Paris, France.

In addition to being a successful trial attorney, John is a certified mediator and is a member of both the American and Georgia Bar Associations. Whether it’s in the trial or arbitration room, his goal is to provide clients with a high quality of service and a fair result that is in their best interests.

Since his early years, John has been a firm believer in the idea that everyone has the right to be treated fairly. This philosophy is reflected in his law firm’s approach to representing clients and the way that he approaches his cases.

His passion for helping people through difficult times has led him to a career in trial law. He uses this passion, as well as his extensive knowledge of the law, to represent clients in civil litigation and appeals.

He has a strong reputation for zealous defense and has successfully defended clients facing serious criminal charges. He has also fought for clients facing civil lawsuits involving serious injuries and property damage.

As a result of his success in court, John has been able to establish a wide network of relationships with other attorneys and has been able to obtain favorable settlements for his clients. This allows him to serve his clients in the most efficient manner possible and get them the justice that they deserve.

In addition to his legal expertise, John is a dedicated father and husband who genuinely cares about the people around him. He and his wife, Joy Burns Day, live in Williamson County with their three children.

John and his wife enjoy spending their weekends on Tims Ford Lake in the summer. At the beginning of each morning, they watch the sunrise on the lake and take a Sea Doo ride to explore it.

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